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Business Accelerator

Below is a list of startup incubators (usually for newer startups) and accelerators (generally for more mature businesses) currently running in Egypt.
Business Accelerator
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Get a list of the best mentors in the field of going into business and entrepreneurship, marketing and all what you need to grow your business and prosper.


We offer you the best professional services for planning to start your Startup systematically, you can obtain consulting our service and business planning and feasibility studies and marketing strategies now.

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You can find out our circle of startups and get the best deals to help you start your project, that our district is working as suppliers for startups, we offer the best quality at the best competitive price.
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Startups Circle: Who We Are ?

Startups Circle is an Entrepreneur community focused on making giving and trust building the cornerstone values for business creation, our mission to make Entrepreneurship a vital economic activity for our community.

We seek to provide all the information to the entrepreneurs, create an integrated community of services and connect the emerging projects to each other. We believe in competitiveness and equal opportunities, so we help you plan your project and provide you with all the information that you need to grow your business and prosper. You can choose from the opportunities that suit you. We are proud to be your leading partners .

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Our community includes a lot of start-ups, entrepreneurs, experts in multiple fields and professional mentors, everyone extends the hand of cooperation.



We believe in the principle of fair opportunity, so we seek to offer all available opportunities to benefit everyone in the field of entrepreneurship, and this is not only that we are engaged in industry.



We help you to find a suitable investment for your project through the presentation and marketing professionally and also Nmdk all information on the multi-party finance and business accelerators.



We organize the best courses, workshops and annual conference of entrepreneurs to help you keep abreast of the information age, and prepare you to start your project and develop all of it.

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